madreluzLA   midwifery + education + compassion

Midwives don’t deliver babies, we accompany and support women on the most important journey of their lives. For me it is a true honor every step of the way.  

Midwives are skilled practitioners – we are experts in understanding normal birth and we are also trained for obstetrical emergencies.  

I spend most of my time educating families about the facts, scientific studies, beauty and long-term advantages of holistic women’s healthcare and the right to choose strength over fear.  

My goal is for you and your family to have a positive, enjoyable, healthy and loving experience.

Everyone deserves it.

I’m Lauren French Hoy, the founder of madreluzLA. I’m a certified professional, licensed midwife, childbirth educator, wholebirth prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor, birth and postpartum doula. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in business from University of California at Santa Barbara and a Masters in Science in Midwifery from Bastyr University.  I also completed a traditional midwifery program, Luna Llena, in Oaxaca, Mexico.

My interest in women’s health began when I was a teen in the 80’s and made my first visit to Planned Parenthood alone. I remember creeping into that appointment with practically no understanding about my body. Like so many women, I felt overwhelmed and fearful. Over time, I began to know myself, my body and the power of knowledge and understanding. I began to understand why women need to have access to knowledge and services. I began to know feminism. I started college, and even though I studied business, my favorite class was about health education.  I remember going around to the dorms, teaching young women about STI’s and how to use condoms. It was empowering, exhilarating and necessary.

Years later, my two boys were born. When they were young, I became invested in holistic parenting, and I found myself transformed into a resource within my community in California.  In the late 90’s, I trained to be a doula at a local birth resource center and devoured every book assigned on reproductive health-care.  Then my life took a turn when I decided to venture with my family to Oaxaca, Mexico. What was supposed to be a year-long hiatus turned into 11 years.  During that time I became integrally connected to the birth community in Oaxaca and madreluz was born. I taught prenatal and postnatal yoga, childbirth education, offered lactation support and completed midwifery studies with a group of young indigenous men and women at Luna Llena  - a two-year traditional midwifery education program.

Since starting madreluz, my dedication to quality health-care, access, reproductive/birth rights and cultural competency has only grown. After a decade of providing birth services, in order to fortify my clinical skills, I decided to complete an additional Masters of Science in Midwifery in the US at Bastyr University in Washington.

I recently made the shift back to the US, returning to my roots aside the beautiful Californian coastal waves of LA. I’m thrilled to be back and extend madreluz services to the women and families of Los Angeles.